Provisional competition program

Saturday, 26.06.2021

  • 8.oo – training (RCW, RCM)
  • 8.15 – 60m Round (RCW, RCM)
  • 10.oo – Openining ceremony
  • 10.3o – training (RW, RM, RJW, RJM)
  • 10.50 – 70m Round (RW, RM, RJW, RJM)
  • 12.3o – training (CM, CW, BM, BW)
  • 12.45 – 50m Round (CM, CW, BM, BW)
  • 15.oo – training – mixed teams (all classes and divisions)
  • 15.15 – mixed teams (all classes and divisions): 1/12, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and bronze medal matches
  • 16.45 – training (individual shooting: RM, RW, RJM, RJW, RCM, RCW)
  • 16.55 – individual eliminations: 1/16 & 1/8 (RM, RW, RJM, RJW, RCM, RCW)
  • 18.3o – training (individual shooting: CM, CW, BM, BW)
  • 18.40 – individual eliminations: 1/16 & 1/8 (CM, CW, BM, BW)

Sunday, 27.06.2021

  • 8.oo – training – all classes and divisions
  • 8.3o – quaterfinals – all classes and divisions
  • 9.oo – semifinals – all classes and divisions
  • 9.3o – bronze medal matches – all classes and divisions
  • 10.00 – finals – alternate shooting, one at a time
  • 14.00 – decoration and closing ceremony

Accommodation proposal

According to a long-standing tradition, we can arrange accommodation in Atos, Portos and Aramis hotels on Mangalia Street.
Below you can find prices for rooms in hotels mentioned above (breakfast included).

165 pln/ 2 person BB (flex4)
185 pln/ 3 person BB (flex4)

175 pln/ BB 3-os STR
153 pln/ 2 person BB STR

Parking space is available. Price is PLN 35 per passenger vehicle and PLN 90 per coach per day.

38th edition – basic information

This year’s event will be combined with the third leg of the Polish Cadet Cup.
The competition programme will therefore be spread over three days, from Friday to Sunday.

Like last year, shooting in the following competitions will be held:

  • qualification round in individual categories: RCW, RCM, RJW, RJM, RW, RM, BW (open), BM (open), CW (open) and CM (open);
  • individual eliminations and finals in the above groups;
  • mixed team competitions in the above groups.

More information coming soon.

37th Irena Szydłowska Memorial will be held as scheduled

Due to the current pandemic and the restrictions introduced in the sphere of social life, we were not sure whether we would manage to organize our competitions this year. However, after the restrictions were partially loosened and as a result of information obtained in the Warsaw City Hall, we already know that the 37th Irena Szydłowska Memorial Tournament will be carried out as scheduled.

We do not yet know the detailed guidelines for the organization of sports events in June, so we encourage you to follow the information on our website, where we will keep you informed about the form of our competition, the possibility of registration, conditions of participation, etc.

Basic infos on the 37th edition

  • 26-28 June
  • Recurve bows: RM, RW, RJM, RJW, RCM, RCW and mixed teams (RX, RJX, RCX)
  • Compound bows: CM (open), CW (open) and mixed teams (CX)
  • Barebows: BM (open), BW (open) and mixed teams (BX)
  • Entry fee: PLN 100 PLN
  • Accommodation (optional) in the Aramis Hotel: triple-room with breakfast at 175 PLN/night
  • Lunches (optional) on the competition field: 20 PLN